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Whether you are Buying, Leasing or Selling, our consultations and services are focused on providing the details needed to make timely, cost effective informed decisions. The following are some of the preliminary considerations that will be discussed:

  • Investment or Owner/User?
  • Type of property – medical, general office, professional or corporate?
  • Location – Curb appeal and visibility
  • Structure – freestanding or multi-tenant
  • Valuation – Includes the status of active leases and the level of improvements and amenities in comparable properties.
  • Full Service Gross vs. Modified Gross vs. Triple Net
  • Functional or Technological Obsolescence
  • Load Factor – Rentable vs. Usable square footage
  • Condition of Equipment - HVAC, Elevators, Electrical systems
  • ADA requirements – building access and restrooms
  • Environmental issues – asbestos, mold, radon…
  • Tenants – strengths and weaknesses / credit and noncredit
  • Comparable Sales & Lease terms in the area